Prepare Your Company for Sale

By admin • March 7th, 2017

Critical Steps to prepare your company for sale

A business owner may be tied up in complicated situations and would be undecided on how to sell all the investments of a company. There are important steps that you can follow to ensure that your business is ready for acquisition.

Outline your goals and reasons for sale

Before selling your business, you should consider the motivation behind the exit plan and how profitable it will be in your plans. You should also understand the reasons why you are selling the business and the impacts of acquisition. Consider the values bestowed upon the strategic buyer and the future of your company’s brand.

Organizing your business’s profile

Performing a due diligence will be a significant step before selling your business. You should check the history of your company and the financial trends. Getting everything sorted means that all your taxes should be filed and that there are no outstanding debts in the records. Unpaid taxes or debts are likely to retard the acquisition process and therefore must be cleared to smoothen the sale of your company.

Bring in the right experts

It is one of the critical steps you should consider while preparing your business for sale. These experts can be the investment bankers or tax advisors and are useful in ensuring the business is ready for sale. Their expertise in the field of marketing makes them a priority during your exit plan.

Creating awareness to the management

It is important to inform the management team about your decision of selling the company. They have to be ready for the change in ownership by taking part in the process of transition. They can adjust their conduct towards the change that is to be initiated in the organization. It makes them aware of the acquisition by another company or individual over the business.

Involving the principal stakeholders

It is also important that you should allow participation of the board while preparing for the sale to prevent arising issues after the acquisition. It will show that you are open with them in sharing crucial matters concerning the operations of the business. It does not interfere with the process of acquisition since the key stakeholders will be aware of the change in ownership. It also prevents chances of slowing down the process.

Creating awareness to the loyal clients

The acquiring company would like to ascertain the loyalty of your regular customers in the business. It is important to make your customers aware of the change in ownership as they may be used to your attention. It is also important to create awareness to other partnership the business was involved in because of the disagreements that are likely to arise after the acquisition. Their contribution to the organization will ensure that the acquiring company is motivated to purchase your business. You can also benefit from a high return on investment as they may quickly agree to the price you offer.

The vision and narrative of the company

It is necessary for the acquiring company to know about your objectives as an organization. A history of your organization and what you intend to is relevant to the acquirer as the new management will be under their authority. They deserve to know the story of your organization, and thus you create a company narrative by seeking assistance from your team of experts.

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